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kudu tattoo

I am very excited to announce that my work is up at Graceland studios. 29 Sir Lowry Road Woodstock. For the next three months. The space offers an array of professionals ranging from a music studios, creative media office spaces all the way to a yoga studio. Go check it out officially this last thursday of the month for Woodstock’s edition of first thursdays.

You will be able to see this guy as a part of black and white illustrations. I also have my Alchemy range for sale.

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Succulent Alchemy

Saturated in sun, alchemy of the desert, succulents have long been a great fascination of mine. As frequently displayed in a number of my illustrations, their virility and resistance remains a constant inspiration in my life. I recently exhibited the Succulent Alchemy, a series of black ink illustrations with gold and bronze paint at Artmode 3rd edition, the Palms, Woodstock. All works currently still available for purchase. IMG_1806 IMG_1807 blog one aloe IMG_1805 IMG_1812blog 5 cactus blog two balbanellaIMG_1813

blog three bettle 1 blog four beetle 2

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Knobs and Tassels

I have recently started stocking Knobs and Tassels in Woodstock co op. Go check it  out for all kinds of good things.

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Primal herd

So I have recently had the privilege of decorating a skull to join the herd of underground South African artists. This is a collective exhibition that can been seen for the rest of month at Knobs and Tassels a new gallery found on Harrington street. The skull is painted a pearl white and illustrated by hand in black indian ink, fixed with spray varnish. The designs are inspired by various Indian designs representing life and spirituality.



Flying fish

Was cleaning up the old files and came across this little guy. Flying fish drawn in Israel 2014
fish 2

Commission complete

This is a new commission that gets shipped off to london today. I was given the brief to include natural elements of South Africa and South America. The design is totem chakra inspired, I am really happy with the results. I think I will be doing more of these inspired by various aspects of nature this one is a one off though

final design

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