Design Indaba

So blown away by the creatives in South Africa. We seriously have a lot going for us craft wise! Have a look at some of my favourites from design indaba 2012!!! this highly talented illustrator will hopefully be collaborating with me soon.

So if you are looking for something amazingly beautiful and different one of the only jewellery stalls that seriously stood out to me was Anomali. Founded by two very cute tail coated girls, Marlette and Moniek. Seriously do yourself a favour and go to a treat for the eyes!

If it were possible to shrink to miniature proportions I would want to live in the paper worlds of Arty miss! Wow how amazingly beautiful! Bespoke laser cut stationary to the next level!!!!

Seesawdo, is a company doing great work in the townships of cape town. These lovely talented artists go round painting brightly coloured fun murals on creche walls. Brightening everyone’s day! visit;

Another lady that really blew me away with her great artist charm was Calavera Loco hand embroidered skulls. her sugar skulls are insane, super detailed, layered skulls.

Afrosol stall at design indaba 2012.


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