What a splendid day for a dip.

What a splendid day for a dip.

Global warming series photo collage 1

For those of you who don’t know, I am also an online English teacher and find myself constantly needing something to talk about. A simple and fast solution to this problem is to educate myself by watching and reading as much as I can about our current understanding of the earth.

I found this rather fascinating article on the melting icebergs. The primary focus was how beautiful the icebergs looked as they melted. True as this might be, it made me think about people’s perceptions. It is well known that there are two opinions on global warming, one being that human advancement is quickly destroying major parts of our earth, which in turn is having a huge effect on our atmosphere. The other being that environmental changes are a natural process that happened in the past and is simply repeating itself. Either way one thing is for sure there are many places fast deteriorating and the damaging effects on human civilization will continue to increase. I have started making simple photo collages to express my thoughts on global warming. They are supposed to be a tongue in cheek take on particular situations I find myself reading about.


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