Space Tourism

Space Tourism

Global warming series- photo collage 2

Anyone who truly knows me knows that up until recently I was a complete technophobe. I eventually joined the flock  and now find myself pretty useless without it. The mere fact that we live in an age where reality TV shows, based in mars, are being planned for 2023, makes me feel more than overwhelmed. I have been looking into this whole space tourism thing and I am not sure how I feel about it. On one hand it is amazing to be able to leave the atmosphere and view our planet from above, but should this be so easily accessible? I feel that this is a huge achievement but also has a huge impact on our planet that is already taking strain, just the amount of commercial air crafts we have leaving carbon traces everywhere. Yes I know I sound like a raging hippy and really have no leg to stand on as I fly all over the planet without a second thought. These are just my thoughts and  opinions, along with a collage take on space tourism. I really do think space tourism is a crazy concept, one that doesn’t sit so well with me. I am interested to see what happens next.


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