Flyers and graphic design work

My first shot at package design, the illustrated patterns for an up and coming food label. The logo is still being designed by another designer but this is my contribution to the label.

yellow apple

pink kale blue almond

An invitation I whipped up for my Nephew’s first birthday

theos invitation

Portrait I recently did for a friend


Newest poster for last weeks clothing market

new poster

Danit’s wedding invite design and hand illustrated map

danits wedding invite

map english

Market poster September 2014

poster for market

Market poster May 2014

poster 3

Logo design

Still in the process of choosing fonts and which mandala we actually want to use. Thought I would share my ideas and process with you anyway. This is a logo I am currently working on for my mother.


1st design

mandala 2

2nd Design

Graphic work

A lazy friday with time to kill. I went frame shopping today and found some killer red frames so eager to fill them, I ended up drawing the night away, here is the produce.                                                                    

My newest graphic work The Elements








A wedding invite I was asked to help with.

wedding invite 2

A lovely couple I have met in Israel are getting married in the next fews months! I was asked to do a little illustration for their wedding invitation.  This was a fantastic opportunity for me as I have never actually designed any invitations, this is just one of the ideas I liked. The final design was slightly different to this one, also the font was altered-hebrew not being my strong point…

Menu and flyer Design

menu final to print 1

Front design

back design

Back design

This weekend I was asked by Cafe Brussels to design an A5 double sided flyer. My brief was Bourgeois circus. With the Haifa film festival coming up and Cafe Brussels just down the road from the cinema. I tied cinema and some bourgeois tea party elements and came up with this, I am really happy with the end results of this collage and was heavily inspired by an artist called EK Duncan.

Poster design

who are you know

Playful new collage.

Sale poster design

sale flyer

A flyer a made for a personal market we have started up once a month at Cafe Brussels in Haifa.

Invitation, Programme, and ticket design

flyer design final.


I was recently commissioned by a very good friend of mine, to design a flyer, ticket, and a programme for a fund raising evening. The cause is well worth supporting and I encourage anyone interested, to  visit and see how you can get involved.


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