Screen printing

KT Cottonwoods kids linen range

bee quilt close upbee pattern quilt and bear designIMG_4945

Bee repeat pattern I designed for a kids 100% cotton bedding range.

Girls rose and stone colourway

Blue colourway



I’ve been going on about this fantastic collaboration with Afrosol hand crafted, hand printed umbrellas and here they are.

Catch us at Design Indaba, Cape Town, from the 2-4th of March 2012 . We will be stocking shops there after so keep up to date visit the Afrosol website :

Each umbrella is completely unique and quirky, we use recycled materials from old clothes to add various textures.

Custom made to fit your needs.

IMG_1880 copy  IMG_1884  IMG_1961  IMG_1909


IMG_1919  IMG_1971

Photography by Caroline Mackintosh

Umbrellas crafted by Afrosol

Prints by Nastasha Sale




New prints available in every colour imaginable, please feel free to enquire about any new prints that might be available.

My three favourite characters are these three friends I created.

Their story is wonderful, they now bask in the sunshine, on Afrosol’s hand crafted umbrellas, sling around on bags, and grace the walls of many of Cape Town’s homes.


First there was Will, who was originally found in Brighton, England. This very charming hare managed to very easily persuade me to bring him over to Cape Town. Where he could dress up and prance around the town showing the ladies some of his English charm.


Secondly there was Fey. Now here is a lady you don’t come across everyday. She could bowl you over in one look  and she wins the hearts of everyone she meets. She is an incredibly social bird and loves to get her feather’s ruffled  on the dance floor from time to time. Be sure to complement her if you ever do bump into her as she loves to know she’s noticed.


Then there was Herman, a very shy and modest tortoise, I met one day while in the deep south of Cape Town. He has the most amazing patterns on his shell and I just had to introduce him to the gang. He has settled in quite nicely and comes out, on occasion, to meet and greet at the great parties his new friends throw.

All prints available on T-shirts, bags, canvas, paper and umbrella’s.

Prices on request.

Photography, Caroline Mackintosh

Illustration Nastasha Sale


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